Mondays aren’t all bad.

Usually Mondays involve a mountain of email and at least two pots of coffee. One pot is usually enough to perk a person up to where they can get some work done, but a second pot is always needed on Mondays to give us something to do while we re-hash the weekend and all it’ sordid details. Since we don’t have a water cooler, the process of making and drinking coffee keeps us looking busy and keeps Gran Muff Tarkin (the boss) off our backs. This Monday was a definite two potter, but this time we had a little extra pick me up in the form of some new wheels to come into the Unreal Inner-Planetary Headquarters.

Grammo sent us the first set of their new wheels to hit the market and I have to say, I now have some deep seated wheel lust.

The Factors have been vaporware (ooooh, Grammo hates that word!) for about a year and a half since they first showed up at Interbike in 2007. I guess there were multiple designs to be dialed until the wheels were just so and ready to go. They even had time to make two versions, the TT and the SL. The TT is the super aero one with the crazy bladed carbon spokes. The SL is the (suprise!) lighter of the two and still uses carbon spokes, albeit less bladed. Both sets are truable and you can even replace the spokes if you needed. Not that you would, but we’re just saying you can. Like all good innerwebbery gossip, it’s worthless without pics so here ya go.

This is the Factor TT Front. Carbon everything. Hub, Spokes, Rim. Stupid Fast.

Here’s the rear. Imagine a wheel almost a fast as a disc, but able to be used on regular road stages. This is it.

These bad boys are the Factor SL’s. Pretty much a great all around road race wheelset. Light, aero, all the regular goodness. If this blog were a bike magazine, I’d be contractually obligated to say something like, “laterally stiff and vertically compliant” by now.

Here’s the rear
And here’s the front
Mmmmm. Sexy.

Both sets of Factors use all carbon bits, but the SL’s are a bit lighter and are probably a bit better in extreme crosswinds. The TT’s would be the choice when it’s all about speed. The cool news? The TT’s are on the water and on the way to us and the SL’s are in the last rounds of Beta testing and should be following soon. I need to see how I can get my grubby fingers on a set of these babies to thrash, I mean ride.

These next babies are the the new Flow 5.2. wheels. The Factors are going to grab all of the headlines and the press, but the Factors are going to be the go to wheels for day in and day out racing. Grammo pulled out all of the stops when it came time to design the rim. It’s spoke holes and valve hole are molded, so it makes a really stiff and durable rim. The rim also has a little groove in the tire bed, so the seam on tubulars doesn’t sit up all high and crooked. I already have a set of tires stretching and ready to be mounted up on these. I can’t wait for the spring road races to start.

Once again, the front

And the back.

Now all I have to do is convince the Gran Muff Tarkin I can go ride longer at lunch. You know, for testing purposes. Wink Wink Nod Nod.

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