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Since everyone else jumped on the blog bandwagon a few years back, we decided it was about time to get in the game. Better late than never we always say. (We always say it because we are always late!) Watch out web, in a few short years we’ll have Facebook figured out and might even try that crazy new fad, Twitter!

Anyway, a little backstory to give the innertubes a bit of our history and who we are. Unreal Cycles was started by a guy named Ben way back in the days of flannel and Pearl Jam in the grunge capital of Seattle. Ben carried the torch selling mostly hardcore urban and freeride hartails before selling the business to Lewis a few years back. Since then Unreal Cycles has shifted its focus of the products it sells a bit. While we carry a lot more roadie and fixie stuff, it’s still all focused towards the hardcore rider who wants a great product.

Boy, this is starting to sound like a sales pitch. I’ll make this long story short, and just get on with a brief howdy-doo on what we carry. If you are a fixie fiend, we have all of the Soma and Pake goodies your hipster heart could desire. We are constantly adding new stuff for you guys and gals. Keep your peepers peeled for some sweet new stuff like Nitto, MKS, Oury, and Sugino.

If you are a roadie, you owe it to check out the sweet wheel goodness from Grammo. They have some of the nicest wheels at the best prices out there. Whether you need a set of alloy training hoops or a full blown set of carbon race wheels, we have you covered. Plus, the prices are nice enough to leave enough coin in your pocket to be able to afford the Euro PRO white shoe covers and bib shorts. Check back in for some spy shots on their new super duper, top secret, wheels coming in late spring ’09. Plus, keep your ears to the ground for some upcoming info regarding some info on frames using lugs, steel, and some Japanese handbuilt craftmanship.

The mountain side of the site is fully covered with great product. We are carrying Orange and Whyte bikes out of the UK. They both take a slightly different route in design and manufacturing to make some of the best performing and sweetest riding rigs on the market. Plus, we’ve picked up Arrow Racing rims and tires to meet the most picky freeriders and DHer’s needs. Oh yeah, there will probably be an announcement of some sort regarding a brand or two. Perhaps something along the lines of, “who wouldn’t want to be on one?” Hint, hint, wink wink.

So cheers for now. It’s the weekend. You need to get out there and ride. It’s what were about to do. Signing out, Tom

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