Busy Weekends make for tired Mondays

Which is why you are reading this on Wednesday (don’t even ask about Tuesday). Some of the crew here spent the better part of Sunday trying our best to get lost and suffer as many flats as possible by participating in the inaugural GP Rogue Flahute. Despite our best efforts, the weather and our backsides prevailed so we could experience 115 miles of smiles, 35 miles of which were gravel. Dangly D and myself rocked the Grammo Tubolari CX’s and were resplendent in all of our best Flahute tubular glory. No flats and a super cush ride was just encouraging us to slay it on the gravel (or as we called it Grah-vell) sections.

Dangly D’s self pic with me and others who shall remain nameless in the background.

Crazy field of vetch. Luckily this was in the middle of a climb, so I just had to stop and take a picture.

All this saddle time made it hard to get moving come Monday, but get moving we did. Waiting on our doorstep was some goodies that will be making their way south to Monterey for the Sea Otter.

What do you get when you cross this

With this?

Well, besides the next few day and nights filled with frantic bike builds, you get some schweet demo rigs to let the groms thrash on. And like all things in the bike industry, we might even get to ride them ourselves someday. Actually, I plan on sneaking off under the guise of a “shakedown ride”, and I might even return. It depends on the weather and of course whether or not there’s beer back at the Unreal headquarters. If you are coming to Sea Otter, you should definitely stop by and take out a bike. Plus, you’ll get the chance to harass Mark, our marketing guru. Besides putting the Mark in marketing, he’d love to regale anybody with at least one functioning ear about all sorts of fun stuff like vectorized images and web banner click throughs. Good times, let me tell you. Also, you’ll be able to call Lord Muff Tarkin fat, and who doesn’t love that (except for him)?

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