E120 Demo

After multiple requests from Dangly D and much contemplation on my part, I finally gave in and let the E120 demo out last night for a test ride. I had to think long and hard not because D is usually a wrecker or anything like that, but simply because this bike looked so beautiful brand new standing in the showroom freshly polished back from Sea Otter in all its’ carbon glory. So last night all 23.5lbs of the E120 went out to hit the trails of Southern Oregon and the initial feedback was great:-

“The E120 begs you to push yourself. Big ring the three-mile fireroad climb, then point it downhill and see how many bugs you can get in your teeth by the bottom. Like a full-carbon Ferris Bueller, everyone from the supersuit racer boys to the bighit heshers will think the E120 is a righteous dude.” -Dangly D

After the bike came back, unwashed as I assumed it would, I had another opportunity to see how the shock placement on this frame really protects from dirt and debris. The designers at Whyte understand that little things like keeping your shock clean during your ride can prolong its’ life expectancy massivly, and to that end have it tucked away nicely here as pictured.

Whyte E120 frames and complete bikes are now available to order exclusivly online though Unreal Cycles. Call 800-303-2927 to order yours, or just to prod Dangly D for more information on his epic test ride.

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