Greetings from Sea Otter

Where does the time go? Oh yeah, that’s right, it flies by when you are scrambling to get ready for the annual trip to Monterey. After a few late nights building demo rigs and tracking shipments, one of the last things I wanted to do was to sit down an write something. I figured I’d wait until the week was almost over and a few tents had blown over. Since we’ve now reached that point, here ya go.

Like all things Otterish, the winds have been high and the scene has been cool. It’s always nice to boogie out of the office and “escape” to NorCal for a few days. There were a few moments of panic, like when a desperate search was started trying to locate the correct disc brake adapters so that there would be at least one functioning bike for the grommets to thrash. Or how about yet another wheel build, this time with the correct spoke lengths once I remembered how to correctly measure and calculate ERD and hub center to flange. Fun times. Definitely not a rock star moment. And lastly, frantically tracking a shipment of some super gucci carbon bikes that were supposed to be in our hot little hands, but had decided to take an extended break in customs? We finally had them routed a Nor Cal shop so we could pick them up on our way down. I wonder why we’re all going gray and drink so much?

Anyhoo, it all wound up coming together before we came apart and we have bikes and wheels and all sorts of goodies for display. Yeah!! A little bonus, anyone who comes up to the Unreal booth (525) and asks for Lew Muff Tarkin gets to here his acapela version of Danzig’s shopping list. Plus, you will more than likely see Mark shoot Ruby Red Mountain Dew out his nose at the site. Good times for one and all.

Here’s a shot of what you’ll see at the booth.

The swanky and crazy light Carbon 19 from Whyte. 1150 grams. Soo sexy.
It’s big brother, the E-120. This 21lb., 5″ travel, full carbon bike makes me want to max out my credit card.
Soma and Pake make enough stuff for you any hipster’s fixie to make your head spin. This is about 5% of the goodies we have to hang on your whip. (For fun, put a lot of emphasis on the h in whip, like Stewie from “Family Guy”!)
The Factor 5.0 TT wheels from Grammo, these are the first sets in the US right now, but we have more that will be here any day now. Don’t chop off a finger.
The Blood from Orange. 125mm travel. 4x and slope style fun machine. Like a BMX bike for big kids in the woods. Try not to smile when you ride it, we dare you.

The Orange Alpine 160. 160mm of all mountain good times powered by a Hammerschmidt. Uphill, downhill, who cares. It’s all good.
Alfine equipped, belt drive, Orange P7. Prototype for now, ready to ship very soon. I don’t know why, but I want need one of these.

See what the see Otter does to a person? I was clean shaven until I went into monk mode to get ready for the Otter. You can blame Muff Tarkin for this, my wife does.

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