Sea Otter dust gets into everything.

It’s taken the better part of the last few days for the Unreal crew to blow out the dust and grime that we picked up down at Sea Otter, but we’re back at it and all cleaned up. I still wouldn’t take us home to meet Mom, but we’re about as good as we’re ever going to get.

In keeping with the Sea Otter theme, but at the opposite end of the awesomeness spectrum as myself, Mikey Haderer wound up taking home a top ten in the Pro Dual Slalom. Not only did he lock down 8th, but he did it on a bike that he finished putting together about two hours before the main event. Pretty Crazy! He railed it on a brand spankin’ new Blood from Orange. Here’s a couple of pics swiped off the innerwebs, courtesy of
As the week rolls on by, check back for more updates and Otter-riffic goodness. Marketing Mark and his Funky Bunch is still weeding through the pics he took. .

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