Get Your Crank On

The big cheese, Lord Muff Tarkin, has just authorized us to make some pretty crazy deals. Probably the hottest right now will be the super package deal where any Orange frame that you buy, we’ll throw in a set of Truvativ cranks and matching BB for free. Lets say you’ve had you eye on one of the new frames from Orange like a Blood or the Alpine 160. Well your patience has paid off young paduan. Both of those frames in either AM or FR setup will come with the Hammerschmidt. I know! I told you it was a good deal! We haven’t forgot about the kiddies on the other frames either. The 224, the Five, the Crush, and the P7 will also get the merry crankster on as well. We’ll even make certain that the crank matches the type of frame, so there won’t be any huckers with a superlight singlespeed crank or a XC guy trying to rock the DH setup. You’ll need to call or email for the deets, but that really isn’t too much to ask, now is it?

If it’s raining where you are, stay dry. If it’s not, roost one for us.

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