Its Hot (Damn Hot etc etc)

In case you were confused I was taking about the new Ti Inbred from On One, altough the weather is a little on the Tabasco side in excess of 100deg ! The guys in the office are fighting for control of the airconditioning, and who does the shipping (no air con in the warehouse !)

Sorry back on track..

The new Ti Inbred 29er, available to order now, delivery in around 10 days.

These frames are just works of art from the masters of titanium, Lynsky Perfomance in Chatanoooooga. If you don’t feel like riding it straight away it would look fantastic on the wall, or be the latest talking point from the coffee table top.

Geometires are all On One 29er, so you know the’re good, a few subtle tweeks like curved seat tube, and oval top tube, may find their way onto later steel bikes, but for now its exclusive to the Ti.

What else?

Pricing of course, well with the pound picking itself up and getting back to its fighting weight, it means that US prices (dollar) are good, and if you pre order now we can offer $100 off MSRP and free shipping.

There always room for another bike in the stable, or a new piece of art, you decide…….but act fast .

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