New Prices ! Dip Yer Bread

Just got a message from the folks at On One, and it seems that there has been a major re think in the Produce Department in darkest Doncaster.

A new Head of Sales (Global sales infact!) has come on board and cast his magic over the already miraculously low prices, creating an all new reduced MSRP.

Seems that the cost of toast and jam is now so low in South Yorkshire, that the clever folks at On One can pass this on to the cycling world (not the bread and jam, the cost savings)

The outcome is all new LOW prices for the forseeable future.

Add this oportunity to the fact that our container lands on Monday and you have yourself the perfect reason to break open the piggybank and purchase that new steel frame you always wanted.

But wait………(as they say in the best commercials, RIP Billy Mayes)

These new prices are across the board, so Bar, Stem, Complete wheel prices are all lower.

Its worth just building a whole new bike, you know theres always room for another one.

Don’t delay, call now for a deal on Inbreds, Poacher’s, Pompino’s and save enough for a breakfast fit for a king (riding his new On One)

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