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So the latest news is… we now have a blogger account to keep you up to date with the latest news! My top code monkey managed to get it ported on to the front of the website this morning so you can see it any time you stop by the site.

This news feed is going to be full of what’s new and exciting, what has just come in, what we have been doing around the shop, where we’ve been riding and all sorts of other interesting bits of info for you to read about. So become an Unreal News Follower! Let’s get some information flowing both ways, if you have a google account or an AIM account you can log in and comment on what we’ve got to say. So jump online, send us your thoughts and let’s get some feedback.

Also, don’t forget, we’ve now got an Unreal online picture gallery in the form of a Flickr account. This can be found HERE

So send us your pics! Riding shots, sick skate park shots, if you’re into fixie tricks so are we! Let’s see those. Or even just a picture of your latest Unreal Deal fitted to your whip. We at the shop and the viewing public want to see your pride and joy, get those pictures in now! For now you can email them to

Stay tuned this week for more on the latest shipment we’ve just got in, some sizes of On One frames have already sold out, so if you’re waiting for the right time… it’s right now! Click Here!

Last but by no means least, if you haven’t signed up for our Unreal Newsletter yet you are missing out on great opportunities! We are aiming to put one of those out a week going forward and they will be packed with the best value for money on everything you need for your steed.

Sign up for the news letter HERE and get the latest UNREAL DEALS first!

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