Pimpy Pompino

Jon Wyatt uploaded pictures of his complete Pompino to Fixed Gear Gallery

He’s created ” an on-one pompino crossbike with a Surly 29er disk fork that’s been powercoated white”

“Halo hubs and Aero rims (not sure how long they’ll last offroad), Avid BB5 front disk brake = with an ebay purchased 160mm disk. Tektro mini V-brakes on the back. White Industries Eno crankset, Phil Wood shiny fixed rear sprocket, 44:17. Ritchey Pro road bars, Cane Creek SCR-5 levers, some very expensive white outer sheathin= g that I found. FSA stem and Seat post with an SDG saddle. I found some white shimano 520 pedals right at the end to finish it off.
Not sure how long it’ll last before it permanently looks dirty but it looks= nice now.” -Jon

If you like the look of this and were thinking about getting yourself something similar watch out for Unreal complete bike deals coming soon! Get yourself a complete Pompino, Licolnshire Poacher or any of the Inbred family for your stable. If you’re hot for one right now and can’t wait for the deals to get posted give us a call on 800 303 2927 and we’ll make you your own deal!

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