Thursday Fruit Special (Oranges)

So now the full fleet is now back at the shop we took the opportunity last night to sample some of the local trails on these top end bikes at our disposal.

We once again met up with Fish and set off to shuttle. The area we were in is of Wagner Creek Rd shown on the map here.

I personally took the Orange Blood out for the fourth ride on it. I’m starting to dig the way this bike handles and in this particular case the Hammerschmidt was key. On the trails in this area there is quite a bit of flat pedaling as well as suddenly turn a corner and run into a short sharp hill situations. The Hammerschmidt is the perfect weapon to counteract this when you’re riding a trail you’re unfamiliar with. When you turn that corner and see that hill, a quick tap on your left trigger and instantly you’re able to spin up that incline.

New comer for this week was the Orange Alpine. One of the other shop employees brought it out and raved about the way it felt up there on the trail. The advantage he had over me on the Blood was the geometry a little better suited to the long flat pedals in the middle of the trail. The Alpine too is fitted with a Hammerschmidt so he enjoyed the ease of dropping major rings to climb.

The most hysterical problem we were both having is once again those FSA bars the demo bikes were built with are 32” wide. A lot of the Wagner trails are fairly tight between trees and simply not 32” apart and thus you see my dilemma. There was a lot of stopping, screaming, and busted knuckles while doing our best to get into the flow on these trails.

I think I’ll be getting the hacksaw at both those pairs of bars this week! We won’t be suffering with that problem again if I can help it.

I’m going to try and get some action shots next time we ride… you know how it is, once you’re on the trail you don’t want to stop for anything so no pictures got taken.

One of the guys we ride with has a helmet cam, so I’ll see if I can stay in front of him for long enough to get some footage for the next entry.

‘till then, sticky side down, beard side up, and send me some of your ride shots for the gallery! Email ‘em to

Oh, also, anyone traveling up the I5 corridor to Portland? Seattle? Feel like making a pitstop around here and go for a ride? Send me an email, give me a call, we’ll fit it in!

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