Attention to Detail.

An exciting day for the website today,

I am sure the regulars will have noticed already, but for those of you who are new to Unreal, we have been listening to the many people who give us feedback on the website and its nuances.

So this morning at the weekly kick off meeting, we discussed a concerted effort to make several key changes to how the site works and how to get information from it.

I hope you have noticed the subtle color changes on the navigation, the re sized and tidied font, the revised picture placements and standardised descriptions.

As anyone who has owned or worked on a website you will know that this is an ongoing process, and although we made some major steps forward today, we are by know means finished.

Watch out for all manor of new thing in the near future.

Got some ideas or issues with the site?

We would love your feedback, good bad or indifferent, either drop us and e-mail or join the Blog

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