Have you got a memory stick full of shots of your last couple of rides with nothing to do with them?

Are you into bragging about your whip and what you can do with it?

Are you interested in looking snazzy when you ride your bike?

Are your toes cold?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Unreal Cycles has the answer! Become a contributor to our blog and we’ll send you a pair of Grammo socks!

For your contribution to our blog between now and when our supplies run out we’ll be hooking our ‘Unreal Cyclista” up with new footwear.

We want to see pictures of your bike. Pictures of you on your bike. Pictures of you riding your bike. We also want to hear about your local trails and why they are the best. Anything remotely cycling related we want you to post on our site.

Email to get your password to log in and start blogging!

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