Vuelta Prices Slashed

In our daily endeavor to bring you the best deals, this weeks effort went into further reducing the already discounted prices on the 2009 model year Vuleta wheels.

Hand made in Taiwan and China to exacting standards, the Vuelta range has something for everyone.

The entry level Corsa Pro and Corsa Lite wheels offer reliability and performance at an incredible low price. Whether for use on your commuter, for you’re most recent project bike or simply winter training wheels for your main bike, these well built, good looking wheels will enhance the riding experience without draining the wallet.

For the enthusiast to the professional racer, the Corsa Superlite and Corsa Carbon range offer the performance advantage you need at a price even your significant other won’t raise an eyebrow at!

A carbon wheelset for all tastes, Carbon/aluminum for the Urban grind, Carbon clinchers for those not yet ready to move to tubs, and of course the 50mm tubular for the ultimate performance enhancement.

Won’t last long as we only have limited numbers on hand.

Tubulars also come with a bonus of tires, valve extenders and sealer.

What are you waiting for? Christmas has come early

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