King of the hill

Well last weekend was another great shred fest. Both days I rode down in Santa Cruz – Saturday with two bros and Sunday I did a long solo ride.

Sunday I totally forgot about daylight savings, which is no big deal since I rather get up early than late. In typical fashion, I got to the trail head a bit too early (around 5:30am). No big deal, I busted out the iPhone and watched MTB movies waiting for the sun to show its nose. After a few minutes, I peek out my driver’s window to see if it was dawn yet and spot something crossing the parking lot. Right next to my car (literally 10 feet away) – a Mother F!@#$ Mountain Lion was crossing the dirt parking lot. It was a big one – like the length my Alpine. There it was, leisurely crossing the lot, then crossed the street to only disappear in the hills on the other side of the road, which also happens to be where we ride.

I literally sat in my car for like 30min pondering if I should go ride or not. But you know me, I still rode – and glad I did since the conditions were fantastic. I know they are out there, but I rather not see nor run into them…To be honest – I wish I had not seen it. Now it’s constantly in the back of my mind. My first and only sighting before this one was at Fremont Older (local park here) like 10 years ago. ugh!!

Monday I headed out for an early morning night ride and spotted this on the side of the trail, talk about freaky!!!

With that said – the Orange Alpine is still going strong. Been trying a plethora of different shocks on it to see what works best (or more what I prefer). Next one will be a Pushed RP23, which I should be getting sometime next week. Good fun!

Happy trails!


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