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Due to recent issues with our current International shipper of choice USPS, we have made a decision to migrate standard international shipping to UPS.

This move is not being taken lightly and it was only after much deliberation, long meetings with the nice folks from UPS and their counterparts at FEDEX that we finally decided what was needed.

Basically USPS Global Priority is fine as long as the item is relatively small and medium value, but for wheels, frames, bikes, their service is just not robust or reliable enough.

Having gone through two fairly lengthy disputes recently trying to locate lost goods, we came to the conclusion that it is time to go with a more professional company who can deliver the same customer service goals we aim for.

There is now good and bad news.

The immediate effect will be our international shipping rates will go up, we are working with UPS to achieve the best possible discounts, all of which will be passed on to you the customer and in time we hope to see rates reduce.

The upside of the change is a reliable, speedy, efficient service where the company carrying our products will stand by their promise to deliver on time and intact. With world class delivery also comes world class features like real time tracking, expedited services, and comprehensive insurance cover that is both affordable and when required easy to claim against.

As they say you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true with shipping to the far reaches of the globe.

We will still stand by our customers requests for low cost shipping via USPS if that is the path you wish to take, however our standard offer will now be the UPS Expedited Service

If you have any comments or ideas with regard shipping experiences, please let me know

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