Some Scenery…

From the moment we crossed from CA into NV it began to look white and wintery all around. This did not stop all the way to Nashville.
Some of the roads were well taken care of and kept clear… others were not. This proved interesting when towing. What made it more interesting was as we were creeping along trying to stay on the road the semi trucks were batting along at a rate of around 75mph! One thing we had going for us which the semi trucks did not… 4×4 in the pickup. This allowed us to keep it between the lines for the most part.

Some shots of the back of Mt. Shasta… not a perspective I get of it very often as we usually drive down 5 and see the west side of it.

Sun rising monday morning somewhere in Navada I think?

So that’s it on the road trip front. I’ll get some pictures of the new rig this afternoon and then you’ll be able to see the reason for this titanic journey!

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