The Nashville Dash……

It been a long, hard journey……

Statistics look something like this:
Medford, OR to Nashville TN return.
Distance traveled : 4904 miles
Total Hours: 96 hours
Gallons Diesel: 163
MPG: 13.6
Average speed: 60.54mph
Highest temperature: 28deg (yes it never got above freezing across over half the US )
Lowest temp: -8deg (somewhere in Nebraska)
Time Spent in Nashville: 2hours !
Its a long way to go for a bathroom break!

Entertainment Facts:
DVDs watched : Blues Brothers
Anchor Man
Sean Of The Dead
Radio channels: Pulse, Mix, Comedy channel
Albums: Dozens!

Comedy is the way to go when you are trying to stay awake !
Nutritional facts

Only ate burgers once!: At Hardee’s, which is actually Carls Jnr
Most popular meal: Breakfast (omelets!)
Most popular drink: Water
Best Meal of the trip: Breakfast, Black Bear Diner, Fernley NV
Cutest server: L McGuire, Ruby Tuesday, Columbia, Missouri

Good Coffee is really hard to find once you leave the “West”
Highway and driving Facts:

Best kept roads: Utah
Folks who live with snow, don’t necessarily know how to drive in it !
Largest number of wrecks seen in one trip, so many we lost count!
Fedex long haul drivers are crazy !
When you see a sign saying “Bridges may be Icy” be very aware !
75mph speed limit for everyone makes perfect sense (rather than different speed limits for different types of vehicle)
For all of you who called while we were traveling: Thanks for the encouragement.
For all of you who placed orders while we were traveling: Thanks for your patience
Its now back to business as usual (ish) !
Its been emotional……….

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