Vuelta News

The clearance deals on 2009 model Vuelta wheels are now coming to a close.

We have limited numbers of Corsa Superlight Clinchers left at the clearance price, and we are down to the last two pairs of the 50mm Carbon/Aluminum clinchers, with the 50T and 50C models already sold out.
On the plus side the 2010 models will be available in around 3 weeks.
New graphics and some new models will be featured in the 2010 line.
On the down side the US gov has increased duties on many bicycle related items meaning higher prices to the consumer.
You know we will work as hard as we can to make sure that you get the best deals available!
The message today is, act now if you are looking for wheels, as prices are going up!
Also if you are looking to pimp out your Urban Fixie, Vuelta have a crazy line of colored wheels with a fixed/free rear hub. We hope to have them in stock very soon and they will be less than $150 pair!!
You know who to call…


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