Bike Show 101

First, had you noticed we were gone yet?

We are working very hard to use all the very latest intertube technology to make sure that you can’t tell we are working from 5000 miles away in Taipei.

We arrived here on Monday Morning having lost a day somewhere along the journey. This is the view of Taipei 101 from the hotel window

Spent today at the exhibition hall helping the nice folks from Grammo set up their booth. There will be lots of new things including the already outed Carbon mountain fork and the F5:8C carbon /Alloy clincher wheels, seen here mounted on a secret road frame.

Can you tell what this frame is?

Send us a comment below if you think you have the answer.

It will be unwrapped tomorrow and there will be more pictures, including some of a particularly colorful concept bike from France, sporting an equally colorful pair of Grammo Factor 5:0TTs

Stay tuned for more tomorrow on the opening day of the show!

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