Country Music Television will not be attending Sea Otter

You may remember this rig from such crazy cross country road trips as the “Nashville Dash”

Over the weekend we got to the task of un-CMT-ing the trailer.

Needless to say it’s going to be a long job…

After attempting a couple of different methods inclusive of but not limited to: high pressure water, bare hands, cleaning solutions and colorful language, we finally found the trick…

Hair Dryer! Or in this case industrial strength heat gun. With the heat applied to the wrap on the warmest day we’ve had in Southern Oregon for some time we were happy to find the vinyl wrap eased off quite nicely.

On a side note, anyone who has every tried applying stickers to anything will know of the problems with bubbles and imperfections as you lay out the vinyl. This trailer had been wrapped in vinyl completely. That’s a lot of sticker to get onto a trailer without any sort of imperfections. I was VERY impressed with the skills of the man who put this on, nice job!

We didn’t manage to get finished over last weekend so stay tuned for updates as we get to finishing this mammoth task.

Hows your Sea Otter prep going?


  1. I was part of the crew that once drove those trailers across the country and worked in them. I believe a few women put the wraps on those, as well, if memory serves. 😁

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