Better late…

We’ve been flat out all week to get here, get set up and get sorted out.
Only now are we finding some down time to get you an update.
Coming to you live from Sea Otter 2010. The story so far…
4/13 – Tuesday
We were supposed to get out of the shop and on our way by mid day to early afternoon, right? We were building demo bikes, dotting I’s and crossing T’s until much later and finally managed to depart around 10:30PM. The new rig at its’ best freshly polished having had all the Country Music Television stickers removed.
We were on the road until about 4am when we arrived in Willows, CA and parked up to get some much needed rest.
4/14 -Wednesday
Sprocket the Dog sighted maneuvering his way through the bay area via google maps.

Up and at them around 7am after climbing into bed at 4am we started to bare down on our destination just before lunch time.

4/15 – Thursday

First day on location! Once we’d got the new Nashville Dash trailer where we wanted it and explained to the organizers that we weren’t actually doing anything that our neighbors weren’t by sticking out of the front of our allotted space, we went to work putting the booth up and unloading the trailer.
Very excited to find that our precious cargo of aprox. 20 demo bikes had traveled well in our new bike rack system, we proudly put them all out to show the festival goers.
4/16 – Friday
A big increase in the number of people around the venue today and lots of interest in our range of demo bikes situated in the SRAM Demo Ride Zone.

The mean green Unreal Senior demo bike was being raved about by a couple of riders who spent quite some time putting it through its’ paces on the pump track.
The Orange Blood demo bike got some great feedback from some riders who took their turn on the pump track with it.
More pictures to come tomorrow including the demo MotoPed as well as some spy shots of the new prototype Orange 225 featured here at Sea Otter.
Until then one more thing…
… It’s been emotional.

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