“I will never race road. No way.” – me

Well, I guess I should know by now to never say never.
So, um, I raced my first road race this year and liked it. A lot. Really. Problem was, all I had was my cross bike: Knife to a Gunfight right? So what was a poor bike mechanic to do? Once again, my family at Unreal Cycles saved the day and sent me this beauty! Yes, it is fast. Yes, you can ride it, but it will only make you want one.
So my first day on the dream machine was spent dodging squirrels and strollers on the American River Bike Trail – we need to build more of these!!! It is flat, fast and smooth, and if you get out at the right time of day, you can fly!

The bike felt amazing – not twitchy, not sluggish – like Baby Bear’s bed, it was “just right”. Did Goldylocks get eaten? I don’t remember… anyway, I had my gun and I was ready to race!
Then I got sick.
Oh well. The Sea Otter course was tough! Hacking up lung nuggets didn’t help with the climbs much, but the bike was pure pleasure on those rough roads. The beefy chainstays kept the frame stiff, while the svelte seatstays saved my backside from some serious abuse. The Sea Otter course was the first ride where I got to do some fast descending, once again, the bike was a prime example of optimal use of quality materials and smart geometry. I felt at ease on the descents, I knew the bike would handle all the speed I could generate and not feel “nervous” like some bikes I have ridden in the past. Though my performance was not what I had hoped, the bike was smokin’!!
My next race was the Wente Road Race in Livermore. I was still feelin’ the effects of my chest cold, but overall, I felt pretty good. Pre-race dinner was some amazingly spicy Thai food, which left me light and ready to climb at the starting line.
Well, I am not really a climber, but I am working on it. The Wente course had some pretty good climbs and some killer descents – soooo fun!!! Of course, the climbing came first and I got spat off the back pretty quick with a bunch of other n0n-climbers. Luckily, about ten of us levitationaly challenged individuals had some pack experience and caught the skinny little bi… climbers on the flats by cranking out some serious pacelineage on the back side.
I payed my dues at the front a few times and held my own on the climb to the finish. I ended up 21st. Not too bad. Once again, the bike was a pleasure on every part of the course, and pizza and beer were enjoyed by all.
I will never race a Crit. Never.
Next up, my thoughts on Wheels, brakes and seatposts recently added to my sweet ride!


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