Sea Otter Wrap up

Finally, the journey is over and we are back at the shop.
It was a long trip which we split over two driving sessions but we arrived back home this afternoon with a pretty eventless drive under our belts.
Just dumped the memory card from one of the digital cameras and thought I’d share with you these:
Hats off to this wife / husband team who drove their espresso bike each day from Monterey city center! They spent their days providing much needed and much appreciated caffeine jolts in the form of free espresso shots, courtesy of Mountain Bike magazine.
They are also the reason that we managed to get packed up as quickly and efficiently as we did on Sunday due to the coffee they provided us that morning.

Every year we end up giving loads of shwag (technical term) away to the grommets and usually the parents alike. This year was no different and shown here are our favorite grommets of the weekend…

One of which was awarded a medal for his efforts in the kid’s race and an On-One beenie for his efforts entertaining us!

Here are our favorite brothers! This hardcore duo were shredding the demo area better than some of the adults we saw rolling through so we had to deck them out in On-One beanies!

Along with the favorite groms of the weekend we got visited for the second year in a row by these characters:

The dogs, and their owners, are avid cyclists who make sure to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays with sweet custom sunglasses. Besides their need for speed though, these glamorous pooches are also the stars of their own books which their owners write about their adventures. Here one of the dogs can be seen relaxing while his owner checked out the Unreal demo fleet. It’s counterpart however was much more into extreme riding and could be found hitting the dirt jumps in the demo area with his owner on our demo Unreal Senior.

I’ve got a video of this also I’ll try and get posted up later.

As you know we are K9 fans here at Unreal Cycles with our very own Sprocket the Dog so we couldn’t resist putting this shot on the site!

Sooner than you’d think Sunday evening was upon us, and just like that, another Sea Otter came to a close. We packed up the rig and headed for home.
It was a great time! Thanks to all who came and demo’d a bike. Off to go unpack the trailer.
If you attended the event be sure to send us a comment or a picture and we’ll post some on the FaceBook.

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