Spy shots.

What can Brown do for You? Say the UPS adverts, well today Brown brought me some goodies from the UK and Orange Mountain Bikes.

Quickly abandoning the email I had been writing I rushed to receiving where I found these two little gems.

Opening the first box to find raw unpainted Orange beauty just ready for the powder coater.
What’s that, a link? On an Orange?
There it is. A long awaited proto 225. Taking a closer look this frame, although not single pivot which has been the Orange calling card for long enough, it still has all the Orange lines. It still has that Orange hand finished feel and really looks ready to take on World Cup DH courses!
Ben did a little video on the bike at Tamed Earth discussing how this one feels after riding the 224.
Want to throw your leg over it? Come see us at Sea Otter where you’ll find it built and ready to ride.
Another new and exciting item is the Orange Miii. This hardcore hardtail is built in Halifax with its’ full suspension siblings and looks the business wouldn’t you agree?
Orange boasts: “Monocoque down-tube to the refined quatro box stays, the 6061 Halifax-built MIII is the stiffest, strongest and lightest dirt frame around.”

Come see this one built at Sea Otter and take it for a demo ride.

Enough blogging from me, someone has to go get all these demo bikes built! If you need us we’ll be in the shop building bikes!

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