Carbon 456 – Get On One…….

Or should I say Pre Order One now.
The much anticipated Carbon 456 is now a reality, and we have one here to prove it !
The folks at On One are working very hard to make company history with their first Carbon frame, a reality for this year.
We have a sample 18″ frame, the first of 3 sizes that will eventually be available, and it’s simply a work of art.
With special attention paid to the new Euro CEN standards for frame strength and rigidity, the 456 was designed with no compromises.
It has the tried and tested geometry of its steel cousin, coupled with the inherent light weight performance that comes from carbon fiber.
Finally, it’s just drop dead gorgeous.
We are now able to offer the same pre order as the folks in the UK which means the first 100 frames at a 20% discount.
We have had people wanting to order these from when they were simply a brain fart in Stevo’s head !
Now it’s real so get your deposit in now, delivery is expected to be mid June.
Click HERE to Pre Order
You know who to call.

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