Valdora products now available

Unrealcycles is very pleased to be able to offer the Valdora Catalog with immediate effect.

Starting with the PHX Frame and SR-1.0 Aero bar, the relationship between Valdora and Grammo initiated at this year’s Taipei show, now means we can offer custom builds around the widely acclaimed PHX Frame and the all new and much anticipated PHXII frame.

Valdora is a US brand created in 2001 with the development of Valdora Semi Compact Geometry (SCG).

In 2005, the PHX carbon aero frame was designed around the original 2001 AC-Tri SCG. Following several years and several revisions, with multiple improvements, molds were opened to make the PHX carbon aero frame in 2005.

The PHX Bike received accolades from the editor of Triathlete magazine following a thorough review.

Titled “Valdora PHX – Flying high below the radar”.

“You’ll find that Valdora offers a light carbon compact that is every bit (and in some cases more) as much bike as is offered by the big boys…” Feb. 2007 Triathlete Mag.

In regard to materials, strength, aerodynamics, appearance and performance, the PHX is second to none.

Valdora’s most recent projects include the SR-1.0 aerobar and the PHXII carbon aero frameset.

A review of the SR-1.0 on was nothing short of a home run.

The latest development is the PHXII frame which is taking Valdora’s tribike range to the next level.

Carefully designed, subtle changes for increased speed and versatility and an improved asthetic have resulted in even higher performance for triathletes.

Valdora products are geared toward ease of use, versatility and comfort just as much as they are for aerodynamics and speed. In our opinion, one side without the other is just not acceptable. Up and coming professional triathletes are choosing Valdora for a reason.

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