Crankworx: Road Trip and Home

We had quite a few days off until our next event, The Pump Track Challenge.

The event was definitely bigger than expected. After some good practice we had seeding runs, we got a best of two runs format.

With a good first run I put it down the second run and ended up qualifying in 6th place just behind Brendan Fairclough, Troy Brosnan and Mitch Ropelato.

This set me up in an awesome spot for the finals.

We had a few hours to kill before the finals started at 8PM under the lights, so we headed up to the Peak to Peak lift which takes 1250 feet above of a huge canyon.

With all that out of the way it was time to get ready for Pump Track Finals. The nerves set in once I saw the 2,000 plus people watching and the live TV cameras.

After a few practice runs the nerves went away and I knew I had a good chance to finish towards the top. In the first round I had a bye because of my top 10 qualifying spot. This automatically put me into a top 16 result. I went out and did my bye run by myself and got a chance to see just how many people were out watching and all the video and photographers out there.

The second round put me up against Evan Turpen who has been killing it at the world cups this year and was a very strong competitor at the 2010 National Champs. Before I knew it my run was done and no one knew who won, it was to close to call, it went to the announcer and I had lost by .03 seconds. I ended up with a 10th place finish for the event and was pleased to see the list of world cup riders I beat. Mitch went on to the finals and beat Brendan Fairclough after a big crash by Brendan.

The event was unreal under the lights and turned out to be a highlight of the week.

My Unreal Junior frame was awesome and rode like a champ for me when it really counted. The last event I was in was the Camelbak Karaoke Jump Jam at the river jumps, it was a good time for sure, just a huge session with all my close friends and tons of people out having a good time watching.

The rest of the trip was spent watching/ riding day after day, before we knew it, it was time to pack things up and hit the road.

The whole trip went by like flash, some of the best riding and best times I’ve ever had on my bike. After the trailer was packed we started the drive back to Seattle.

We spent the night in Seattle and then flew back to California. I’ll spend a week and a half in California before heading to the World Cup Finals in Windham, NY and then the World Champs in Mont Saint Anne.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors, Unreal Cycles, Fox Shox, 661, One Industries and WTB. I’d also like to personally thank Peter at Unreal Cycles for all the help and support for this trip!

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