Out with the Old……

In with the new, demo bikes that is.

Just got the very latest from Orange:

2011 20″ Alpine 160
2011 18″ Five
2011 17″ Blood
2011 17″ Crush
2011 16″ Miii

New features across the line, Taper head tube, larger seat tube, ISCG and Maxle options on suspension models.

From Grammo:

2011 C3 SRAM Red Disco Pink 55
2011 C3 SRAM Force Disco Pink 54
2011 C3 SRAM Apex Red/black 54
2011 CX SRAM Apex Disco Pink 53
2011 LouieG 29er Blue/Black 18″

For 2011, Grammo launch 3 all new Carbon frames/complete bikes. The C3 carbon road bike available in 5 sizes, the CX carbon cyclocross bike available in 7 sizes, and the LouieG 29er, and all carbon frame/fork or complete bike package.

From On One:

2011 456 Carbon
2011 Whippet
2011 2nd Gen Inbred Slot DO 29er
2011 Pompetamine

On One continue to evolve with 3 new carbon frames, a revison of the ultra popular Inbred Slot DO and a twist on an old favorite the disc ready Pompetamine Single speed.

All the above are available to demo now.

Need a short cycling holiday? Contact us to help arrange a trip to the famous Ashland watershed trails, and a demo on any of our test fleet.

Fast Global Shipping on all our products make Unrealcycles the best place for Orange, Grammo and On One.

You know who to call

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