The forgotten classic

Simple, from very humble roots, this classic single speed chassis has everything you need and nothing you don’t.
A versatile package able to (out) perform in many riding styles from tuff touring steed, to capable city slicker to off road rocket.

The On One Pompino has been with us for a long time, and while it has been used for a multitude of different riding styles, it continues to be viewed as predominantly a road bike.
With new color options and the eagerly awaited disc version, the Pompetamine, this frame is anything but a pigeon holed road chassis.

During the seasonal rush to CX racing and the growing trend for SS bikes in this class of off road muddy purgatory, the On One Pompino is the ideal choice.
Custom drawn and butted light weight steel frame and fork, form the basic chassis package for anything from the ultimate budget bike or a pimped out race rig.

Its a bike that does it all, in any level of build, in many types of riding style, its the perfect choice.

We can help with everything you need to build the SS bike that best suites your needs no matter how you plan to use it.
Act now and Pre Order the limited edition Pompetamine
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