Awesome Awesome Awesome weekend of Cross! For me, the craziness began Friday morning. As the course and venue director for Sacramento Cyclocross, I had to be at Lembi Park in Folsom Bright and Early to prepare for my crew of amazing volunteers from Team Revolutions. 20 sand bags, hundreds of 4ft temporary fence posts, thousands of feet of barricade tape, 50 or so delineators (donkey d&*ks – for the crude) four barriers, 30 small traffic cones, gallons of sweat, 8 hours and one straw bale later, we had a 1.7 mile course of grass, sand and pavement – a cross racer’s delight! Food and bed followed soon after. Tossed and turned a bit as the dreams of roving bands of malicious teenagers wreaked havoc on our hard work in the night. Luckily, the real teens were lazy, and only broke two fence posts.
Race morning was beautiful. 60 degrees with a forecasted high in the upper 70’s. Not typical cross weather, but a relief from the two days of pouring rain we had at Ione two weeks prior. Sharp Bicycles was our host for that one, and they were real troopers! So aside from the morning dew and a few muddy spots in the low areas, the racers had “hero grass” – amazing traction that makes everyone feel like a cornering superhero! Yes, the C’s had a bit of the slippery in the morning, but they also had a firm, easily rideable sand pit. By the time the Single Speeds hit the pit, it was a churned up, rutted mess – perfect!

I got to jump in with the Master Men’s B’s; it never works out for me to ride with the Women, since at that time of day I am still running around like a fool making sure everything is going as it should. I like riding with the guys, it is definitely challenging! The course was soooo much fun – full of off camber twisties, tree furbling, the sand pit, and even a thigh tweaking run-up. I was almost disappointed when the lap card said one to go. Almost. It had been a long day, and it was time for my one beer. Then cleanup.

Huge props to Team Revolutions. It was amazing how fast we broke it all down. You guys and gals were like a cleanup tornado! Betty was sad to lose her outfit though, Team Rev set the bar high and Betty felt like a queen! Once again, food and sleep were top priority, for tomorrow was the Bay Area Super Prestige in San Mateo, and the weather forecast was dire 🙂

Yup, we awoke to pouring rain. BASP #2 was at amazing Coyote Point – another cross racer’s dream! With the rain, this course had everything! Mud, run ups, slippery corners and downhills, and yes, a sand pit, which was pretty much the only thing this course had in common with Lembi. I could tell it was going to be a good day when we pulled in and saw the C racers returning to their cars, covered in mud, blood, and smiles! I had a good warm up, a good start, and only one crash. That was not good on a borrowed bike. I did well in the technical areas which put me in 6th place overall, which is not bad for being pretty out of shape. By Nationals, I will be 5 pounds lighter and way stronger! A special Thanks to Mad Cat Bikes for the use of the killer custom Mad Cat pop-up, and to Steve for letting me borrow his frame for way longer than originally planned, which reminds me, I have to check and see if I scratched it 🙁

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