Hi, I’m Wyatt, I’m 15, and this is my first post as an Unreal rider. I race Mountain bikes and Cyclocross. I also ride downhill, trials, and road biking. In the fall I run cross country with my high school.

I’m so happy to be back racing; in the beginning of November I was riding a 4 foot drop off with some freinds without shin pads (helmets of course), and my foot slipped off the pedal and I ended up with some pedal bite to the bone, and 20 stiches. Here’s what it looked like when I first got the stiches. Some 510 shoes would have helped, too! Definetly want some of those for Christmas.

Now I have some gnarly scars. I lost over three weeks of training and racing. Never going to trials ride without my shin pads again!
Now on to racing. This was the first week on my new CX frame from Unreal, and I love it! Had a sweet race at Folsom Rodeo Cross on wendsday night; I got the hole shot and a bit of a gap at the start. However, I almost ended the race for me (and the new bike!) very quickly, nearly hitting the wall at speed on the way out of the Rodeo grounds!! Luckily, I was able to save it, and I had a great race, ending up in 4th place in the C-men for the night.

Today I raced the Sacramento Cyclocross race at Lange Twins winery. The course conditions were brutal; super slippy, sloppy mud everywhere. I didn’t have a very good race, nothing was really going right for me today, and I ended up 10th in C-men. Oh well, it happens. Time to train over break, and then come back to the final races with a vengeance!! 🙂 Happy holidays to all, and remeber to pick up all your holiday cycling needs from Unreal! I’ll keep you posted.

Wyatt Morin

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