Holiday hammerin!

Hi all, hope everyone’s holidays are going great. I got to have a ton of fun Christmas Eve going shuttling in Auburn with some freinds. I had a blast, and a hard crash. I lost some control of the rear due to mud, and then I smahed my hand into a tree, went over the bars, hit the bike while we rolled, then landed facedown with my visor stuck in the mud, and the 41 pound V-10 landed on my head and back! I am so happy I was wearing armor, beacuse other than some minor bruises and some cut up fingers, I’m fine, and so is the bike! 🙂 Also, I am succesfully getting small tweaks off jumps now! I love downhilling, but I don’t have a DH bike, and it’s hard to train and race DH where I live. However, I will take any and all chances to borrow a bike and do some DH, because it is so much fun!
I’ve also been trying to get as much training in over break as possible. I’ve done some good mountain and road bike training, and the weather had forced me to do some spinning on the trainer. The trainer is very usefull when life or weather makes traing hard, but it is extremely boring, as anyone who has ever done it knows. Also, I’ve been able to get some street trials riding in. Trials is so much fun, and it builds amazing bike handling skills, as well as being a great core and balance workout. On a side note, I’m happy to say that I now have a pair of those 5-10 shoes designed for flat pedal riding that I mentioned last post. They’re so awesome!
I am planning more rides for this week, and hoping to get some more downhilling in over break. I hope everyone has a great holiday season annd get in some sweet riding! Don’t forget to go to Unreal for all those bike parts the rain, snow and mud destroy!
I’ll keep you posted

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