Double Race Day!

Last Saturday I had my final cyclocross race of the season, the last race in the Sacramento Cyclocross series. Earlier in the week I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to race, because I taco-ed my drop bars on a training ride. No time to get new ones here for race day! Luckily, my dad was able to bend them back into position and I was able to race Saturday after all. Thanks again Dad! So, for the ‘cross race, I wasn’t able to get a great spot on the start line, I was in the second row as opposed to the front row as I normally am. Luckily, I got off the line well, and then slid into second place, behind the guy I worked with last time. However, he pulled off quickly, as he was injured shortly before the race. At this point I wasn’t sure what the rest of the field was doing, so I attempted to open a little bit of a gap. However, two riders closed the gap and passed me before the lap was finished. The next lap I was racing with another guy, trying to not let him work me while working him. Unfortunately, at the end of that lap as I was remounting from the barriers, my foot slipped off the pedal and my upper leg landed on my top tube, twice! I found out after the race that this was because one of my cleats had come lose. These slips allowed the guy I was racing to get away from me, and I was in 4th place. I was starting to hurt this lap, and two guys got around me. One of them gapped me very quickly, and I wasn’t able to catch him, but I stayed with the other one that whole lap, and then passed him on the last lap, finishing 5th for the day as well as 5th for the series. I am very happy about my first cyclocross season; I had a lot of fun. Then 4 hours later I had my fist mountain bike race of the season. I raced CAT 2 JV at the Sierra Nevada high school short track race. The race had an uphill sand start, which is always really interesting. I had a little bit of trouble getting off the line because my rear tire got slammed into. After the pack thinned out, I was in 3rd place, a little bit off of 1st and 2nd, who gapped me at the start and were working together. I had a small gap ahead of the group behind me, but after the second lap my legs gave in… cyclocross followed by short track started to hurt, and I was passed by a couple of guys. I was ready for this, doing two tough races in one day makes the second one really tough. This was acceptable, as the ‘cross race was very important and the mountain bike race, being the first of the series/season, was not as important. I ended up bleeding speed but trying to hold on for the last 2 laps. I ended up finishing 8th for the race, which was acceptable considering the double races. I had a great, tough day of double races, a great ending to my first CX season, and a good start to my 9th Mountain Bike racing season. As MTB season kicks off, remember to go to Unreal Cycles for all of your riding needs. I’ll keep you posted.

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