NorCal #2

Hey all! Last weekend was NorCal high school mountain bike race # 2 at Fort Ord, Monterey, California. We arrived at the venue and pre-rode on Saturday afternoon. I was so happy to finally see clear weather and firm trail after the long period of rain in Roseville. The 4.5 mile course was fast, hard packed sand with zero rocks, the course required speed, power, and high-speed cornering ability. Very little if any technical riding skills were needed. For my JV race, we did 4 laps. We arrived Sunday morning to find perfect weather, and a packed venue. For those who don’t know, high school mountain biking is growing exponentially, and there was about 1,500 people at last Sundays event. I had a call-up to the line, since I am in the top ten for the series. The race started with a neutral rolling start, ending in a short hill where the pacers peeled off and the race truly began. I hit the single track in 4th place, and soon passed the 3rd place rider to take 3rd. For the rest of that lap and the beginning of the second lap I rode with a pack of 3 other guys. However, on one of the hills a little less than half way through the next lap, two Marin Catholic riders who were in our pack jumped around me and were able to open a small gap by working together. This left me fighting against one other rider for 5th during lap 3. During the last lap, I opened a gap on him, and I started to feel minor cramping in my legs I pushed it to the edge of my legs cramping the entire last lap, and ended in 5th place in JV. I am happy with that finish for a race early in the season, and I hope to build on that finish at the next NorCal. I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Thanks Wyatt! Your blog helps me understand what it's like out there. You are observant while racing so hard and you can express it. Great skills! I look forward to your next blog. Good luck in tomorrow's NorCal race at Laguna Seca.

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