NorCal #3

Hey all! Last weekend was NorCal high school mountain bike race #3 at Laguna Seca. The course was 4.3 miles of either climbing or descending. JV boys were supposed to do 4 laps, but 10 minutes before my race, NorCal changed our race to 3 laps, which changed up my strategy for the race a little. The start was a fire road climb that changed into steep single track before we crested the hill and went down the other side. I hit the single track in 3rd place, and the top 2 guys were already dropping me and the rest of the field. When I crested the hill, the two Marin Catholic teammates, Austin and Larry, jumped around me before we turned and went down the hill, putting me in 5th. One of the other racers who is normally around my speed at NorCal, Dale, caught onto the back of our group and the 4 of us put a small gap on the rest of the field. When we came to the mandatory barrier/gully crossing, I put my CX experience to use, and went around Austin, and hit the single track behind Larry. When we hit the major hill, known as Hurl hill, Dale jumped around me and on the fire road section on the way into the finish, they were able to get a small gap on me, while Austin had fallen off the back of the pack. I basically had to time trial all the way until the next time I hit Hurl hill. Another rider, Anthony, had caught up to me at the base of Hurl hill, so I said to him, “Hey man let’s work together and go catch those guys!” However, he said he had no power. He was telling the truth, because I dropped him on the hill and the fire road into the finish. I had to time trial by myself again until shortly before Hurl hill before Anthony caught up to me. On my way up Hurl hill, Brian Dukes, the leader of the Varsity guys who started before us and did one more lap than us, caught and passed me. I Drafted off him on the fire road section into the finish and slingshot around him and finished ahead of him. I ended up 5th for the day, and I am currently 5th place in league standings for the series. I am at Sea Otter now, come and see me and all the great guys at the Unreal booth today! We are on the left after you cross the bridge into the venue. Look for the tall black banners. I race Cat 2 Cross Country tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you posted!

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