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Just as Asa’s baby bird Zipp has learned the art of flying(mostly), I too will follow the winds into the clouds… Ok, a bit poetic for me, but hey, when forced to read Shakspeare (AP courses)… Haha. Hey all, so I have recently decided that I am going to learn to dirt jump. I have a bunch of friends who are experienced in dirt jumping, and I have a home built dirt jumper/street/trials bike.

Ah, that bike. I love that bike. That little red XC race frame has been with us for so long. First it was my MTB race bike, when I was really young. Then it was handed down to my little sister, and it was her MTB racer for a few years. Then I eventually got it back to build up as a trials bike, right after I had started trials riding. (Thanks again, Ryan Leech, for a fun hobby and some cool tricks!)

Now it has more of a street build on it. I have built it entirely out of old race bike parts lying around the garage. It’s a pretty solid, light build. I am going to take it up to some local dirt jumps, and try my luck.

I’ll start small, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be hitting some mid level stuff soon enough. I really just want to branch out, and try everything. I love riding in general, and I’ve found the best way to not get burnt out on a sport is to keep trying new things and branching out. There are infinite reasons to try new disciplines of riding. It boosts your riding skills so much, the ability to switch bikes is always important, skills transfer well, and you could find something that you have a natural gift for.

This is why just going out and trying new things for the hell of it is so awesome. If it works out, I’ve found a new hobby/sport/passion, and if not I’ve still gained some useful skills and knowledge and only used a minimal amount of time and money. It’s pretty easy to build up a play/street/jump bike. If you have an old frame, you could get the rest of the components from Unreal. If you have a bunch of components, you could get the wicked Unreal Junior Dirt Jump frame. Anyway, hopefully I’ll be flying high and getting some cool show air pics soon. I’ll keep you posted!

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