Unreal Cycles Xtreme Give Away

Unreal Cycles in association with 102.7 The Drive gave away a $4,000 store credit to build a custom fit and spec’d bicycle.

The final drawing was made a couple of weeks ago at our Unreal Open House where our luck winner Dan, shown below, was over the moon.

After a week or so of deliberation and many many trips to our shop the decision was made and the prize was put towards a pair of Grammo C3 complete bikes.

Here are the final results:

With a small addition to the $4,000 credit the pair were able to spec Rival/Force built Grammo C3 bikes featuring cockpit and components from Grammo and Veleno Ultra Wheels.

These two just left to get their shake down ride in. Look for updates in the future on how they are getting along as well as reviews on their equipment.

To begin to spec your own Grammo C3 start here:

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