A little break . . .

Its been a long season and the last race is just around the corner. I’ve spent a lot of days on the track and more in the pool. Lately most my rides have been on the road bike. Which is alright as long as I’m getting in some mountain biking, but I haven’t been. I decided it was time for a mini break, maybe not the best timing but oh well. I needed to remind myself of why I got into racing in the first place and go back to having a little fun.

So I did, with the Toa down getting some upgrades for Maui I needed to get a bike for a few days of some trail riding. I got my hands on a Orange Blood demo from the guys at Unreal Cycles and was determined to ride it as much as possible in a weeks time.

Obviously not quite as efficient as the Toa, I’m guessing it comes in around 34lbs give or take a lb or two. But a totally different beast. I figured if I played on this for a few days until the Toa was ready then it would make climbing the Toa seem like nothing. The first day of my “Break” I was headed to the trail system that has kept me living where I do.
Its about an hour climb to the trail head then some of the most fun trails I have ever ridden in my life followed by some more climbing to the final trail which the Blood found itself right at home on. What a great day, we ended up riding for 4 and a half hours covering over 20 miles of trails and climbing just under 3500 feet.
After the ride I knew my break was going to last at least a few more days. The next day I called a few of my buddies who I hadn’t rode with in a while and went back for some more fun to the same place. This time we shuttled it and did some different trails. Some of which looked like they hadn’t been ridden in years, a little exploring. Finished just in time for me to get into work but ended up being a 3 hour ride of greatness.
The next day my friend called me and told me he signed me up for the shuttle to the top of Mt. Ashland. I got on the horn and called a bunch of friends and was off for another great ride. Ended up we had six guys riding in our group. Normally this is too many in my opinion. People often have different trails they want to ride and don’t like waiting for the group but not today, six worked out perfect. There were times when guys would pull off the trail and hoot and holler when you rode by and it was fun to do the same. My friend brought his 13 year old son and that was great to see him tearing up some single track. It also helped that the upper trails where in primo shape from the rain we had recently gotten. It was 14ish miles of downhill with 5000 feet of elevation loss. Again another great day.
I’m not ready to give the bike back, at least one more day of great riding before I need to get back into the pool or on that track. I’m sitting here eyeing up the day trying to put together a ride. Its cloudy and looks like its about to rain, sounds the like the perfect day for a little climbing. Then later tonight a shuttle ride with the lights, today should be a good day!!!


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