An Accidental Quest part2 cont.

           So maybe I should explain that the Sac CX Series I’m racing and blogging about is run by a quartet that includes my wife, Asa, the owner of this blog. So I not only go to these races to race but also as one of a couple of dozen volunteers. Besides racing I’m spending 8 to 10 hours working; helping to set up the courses, the sound system and timing arch, organizing the podiums, mc-ing and any general grunt work as needed.   
            The rain, with which I ended my last entry, was still sprinkling when we arrived at o’dark 30.
All the set up work we did the night before was still good to go. Just a few more details to work on then we open reg. and the course. About a half hour before the start my buddy Wyatt, (you know Wyatt and his mohawk from these blogs) takes over the mc duties so I can warm up and race. My warm up goes well. This course is the most technical of the season and it’s wet. The rain has stopped for the day but the ground is soaked. The climbs are short, steep and slippery but doable. There is a tricky,180 degree, sand corner that gives me trouble. The grass is short enough to be fast. I like the off camber straight. I feel good and confident and really want this one after yesterday.
            The Men’s C 55+ lines up and starts with the Junior Men’s B racers. This time it’s just Tommy Sevey, a good kid and a great ‘crosser. We declare him to be an honorary old guy and off we go. Tommy gets the hole shot then the rest of us are racing. I get to the front and stay there. We all drop Tommy. There is a little shifting of the order behind me but I hold on. A couple of times I slipped on a climb and I never got good at the sand corner but all in all I had a good race. My gap was never really big enough to be comfortable so I had to keep pushing; at the same time I never really felt too threatened.
             I’m happy with another 1st place, of course, and I gain a couple of points in the series overall. Thanks to my coach, Mistress H and Asa’s Grammo Paru CX bike, with 3 races to go the series is mine to win or lose. I’m hoping to win another one in 2 weeks. Wish me luck.

By George

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