An Accidental Quest part2

This was a “Well, that’s racing” day.
New guys on the start line. Good course for me. Turny with short straight bursts. Here we go. One of the new guys makes a break and I follow. The others can’t keep up. It takes me just over a lap to get him. Then I pass. Slowly but steadily I pull away. I feel strong and realize some of my coaches workouts have been have cross specific. Go go go. On the bell lap, my 4th, my rear wheel locks up, full stop. My first guess is rubbing the frame; so I check the dropouts, keep trying to reset the quick release. It doesn’t help. What’s now 1st and 2nd go by me. OK I want to finish. I’ll run. As I’m running I’m checking my brake lever. It seems like the brake is stuck. I try to wiggle the lever. I get a little movement out of the rear wheel. Hop on the bike. I manage to cover some ground Locks up again. Repeat 3 times. I finally get to the finish and the Women’s racers are already staged and ready to roll. I let one wave start and then “Racer back” I push through, bike on shoulder, to the finish. I got cheers.Yeah!

The problem turned out to be that my brake hoods moved; effectively shortening the cable and locking the brake up. Just moving the hoods was the simple fix, if I’d known, the fix only takes seconds. Well that’s racing. I did manage to hold onto 3rd today; which, with the mechcanical, feels pretty good.

Racing again tomorrow. The rain that held off all day is now here. Tomorrow will be wet, at least the ground will be.

by George, Asa’s husband.

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