An Accidental Quest.

              I have done lots of different types of bike racing: XC, DH, Super D, DS and Road, Crits, TT and Stage. Back in early ’09 I found myself watching a CX race and thinking maybe I should give ‘cross a go. I think cyclocross maybe the oddest of all the racing I’ve thought about trying. Its special road bikes in the dirt and mud with paved, sand and grass surfaces thrown in plus built in barriers and other carry a bike sections. On top of all this it’s done in the fall and winter months so it’s wet and cold.

               So ‘cross season was about over for ’09 so next season I’ll go for it! The cycling gods had a different plan, Aug of ’09 I broke my right tibia and femur while attending Summer Gravity Camp at Whistler. So I spent the next ‘cross season watching and photographing the racing from the sidelines. Stumbling around the various venues on my crutches was not what I had in mind for my first ‘cross season.

             Fall 2010 was not much better my leg was up to riding but racing not so much. I did have a Fall 2010 season but the successes were those days I didn’t finish last or didn’t get lapped. There was no chance of keeping the winners in sight let alone riding with them.

This pic makes me look better than I am.

            Now, Fall ’11, I’m healthy and ready to race. I’m a beginning crosser and 59 years old. At the local, grass roots, Sac CX series that means I’m a Men’s C 55+. So I’m up for a 30 minute race. First race I’m not sure what to expect. My leg is mostly good to go but the barriers are a challenge and to
be honest I haven’t done the practice it takes to be decent at barriers. I take off with my start wave and just plan on watching my competition. I find myself riding in second. ;>)) I’m surprised but pleased and put in some more effort and hold on to second. So now I’m extra excited for the season.

              Next race I plan to try to hang with the first race’s winner.
He doesn’t show. I put the hammer down and hold off the other old guys for first. Yeah. After the race I’m chatting with a couple of my competitors. A team mate of the first race winner informs me that the only reason I won was because his partner wasn’t there and he was so good I just couldn’t beat him. I’m not sure what the point of this was. I don’t know if I should worry or just laugh. (I opt for an internal lol.)

           Race 3 of the series unfolds much as did the second. The added excitement is the arrival of a couple of new racers in my category. The first race winner is again a no show. I get the hole shot and manage to hold the lead; the new guys finish close behind me. So now I’m thinking I have a
shot at the series jersey. It’s a best 6 of 8 and there are 5 races left. This weekend is a double header with races on Saturday and Sunday. There is rain in the forecast and I’ll be there ready to race. My weapon of choice will be the white Paru. Wish me luck.

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