Hey all! So, I’m really looking forward to this New Year. 2011 was pretty great, but ended with some serious ups and downs. Absolutely insane Christmas. Probably the biggest highs and lows I have ever had in my entire life.

I don’t know how many of you have ever received a crazy surprise gift, but it is absolutely incredible!!! On Christmas Eve this year, my parents sent my sister and I out to get coffee. When we returned, there were a bunch of people with video cameras. When I turned, there were 2 downhill bikes under the tree with big red bows. I was totally, completely, utterly shocked and surprised. It was awesome. Easily the best Christmas present ever. I had no idea, but this had been in the works since August! We then had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with some of my favorite people. The next morning, we got up and had nice morning opening gifts with Mom and Dad. After that, we were off to the canyons to do Christmas Shuttles on our new bikes, with a massive group of friends! The group picture isn’t even all of us! I love my Morewood Izimu, it is wicked fast. I was riding faster and smoother than I ever have before. I am going to be FAST on the slopes this year.

But on the last run of the day, we had a problem. I wasn’t there to see it, but Mom had a bobble on a trail (one she has ridden hundreds of times) and went off a cliff. She ended up falling over 30 feet down, shattering her arm, and hurting the rest of herself pretty bad. We rushed her to ER, where she spent the rest of the evening getting x-rays, and getting her arm semi-reset. She got home late that night, and then went into surgery two days later. She currently has two plates in her left wrist. The past week and half have been tough, as she had bad reactions to some of the pain meds, and was sick for a while. She is doing much better now, though. I am so fortunate to have a mom that rides and shreds, I hope she can be back on the bike soon! Thank you to all the wishes, support, and visits from our friends, we really appreciate everyone.

Now, on to 2012. As many of you know, I am now officially a member of the Morewood iXS US Enduro team. With them, I will be doing many gravity based events this year, which I am really looking forward to. I am also continuing my sponsorship with Grammo for cross country mountain bike racing, as well as some road racing. I am racing Varsity in the 2012 NorCal Highschool mountain bike series, and there will be ferocious completion. I am also a Cat 1 mountain biker for all other events this year. I am a little nervous about the move up to these brutal catergories, but hopefully my hard work will pay off.

I have been training all winter, and now with spring, I will be ramping it up even more. I just got my current training schedule last night, it goes out to May. Something my coach, Paige Ramsey, said really helped inspire and drive me through my winter training, and makes me work longer and harder every time I workout. She said, “No matter how hard you are working, there is always someone going harder, longer, and faster.” This has motivated me so much, because every time I am hurting, and want to shift down and ease up, I see my competitors. I see them, and I shift up, and speed up; outrunning the pain. I am determined to be even stronger and faster this year, and secure the best results possible. I am attacking this New Year, and I refuse to give any ground. Let’s go, 2012.

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