Do You Believe In Magic?

Magic is different in every girl’s heart. Everyone’s magic is as unique as they are. Mine? Bikes.
I remember Christmas when I was little, when all the other 2nd grade girls were wishing for a Barbie mansion, I was wishing for carbon bars.
Even now that I’m 14, I still get all stoked around Christmastime, just wishing and hoping that I’ll get surprised with some awesome bike-related gift that would blow my mind. On the way home from getting Starbucks on Christmas Eve, I was wondering just what may be under that tree in the morning.
I had two Starbucks’ in my hands when I walked into my house. I went to the dining room to see about 6 of our friends sitting at the table with cameras pointed at our faces. What?
I turned to look into the living room and I saw them. Two red, white and black downhill bikes with big red bows tied to the handlebars. It didn’t matter that they were used. Oh. My. God. I almost dropped my Starbucks (NOOOOOO) and I’m sure the look on my face was priceless. I set down the Starbucks on the table (carefully) and said “Are you serious?” Yes. Yes they were.
It was easily the shock of my brother and I’s lives, and the best Christmas any bike-crazy kid could dream of. A million thank you’s to everyone who made this happen: Kris and Pat Morin (my awesome parents), Eddie Fontes, Joanna Petterson, and many more.
I also had a great time shuttling on Christmas day with friends!
And lastly, weird hippie healing vibes to my Mom, who shattered her wrist after crashing and going down a cliff on the last run of the day. You’ll be back to your ninja ways Mom, and stronger than ever.

Keep chasing…

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