Learning Curve, Bermed Edition

Hey all!! As many of you are aware, the Sea Otter Classic was a few weeks back! Been busy, but the blog is here!! As always, there was a massive turnout, cool people, and that kettle corn stand that always rocks! I raced 2 events this year. This was my 5thtime racing the Cross Country, and my first time racing Downhill, Cat 1 and Cat 2 respectively.

This was only my second DH race ever, and my first race on my Christmas bike, the Morewood Izimu. I love that bike, it’s so smooth with the Cane Creek Double Barrel, and it’s just a really responsive bike.
The new iXS Unique Enduro Team kits arrived in time, and they rock. The kits are so comfortable that I just wear them around the house. I’m very impressed by the sturdiness of the shorts, but they are still super supple and comfy. They also look pretty hot. Bottom line, I’m stoked!
 I was hopeful to do well on this course, it was very pedaly and I am a “pedaler”. My race run was pretty good, I felt good on the rhythm section, and pedaled hard, but I was on the brakes to much in the corners. I ended up running a 2:40 flat. Not too bad, 15 seconds off 1st in my age group, finishing in 21stposition. I had a lot of fun, and am excited to try this discipline more in the future. I wasn’t comfortable with the size of a few of the features, but that’s something I hope to cure in the near future.

I’m also still learning the art of downhill. One of the major things I have learned in all my time racing XC is being coachable. I struggled with this early on, but I think have gotten much better in the past few years. Now I generally try and get all the tips I can from fast riders. I was grateful for the opportunity to gather tips from the pros on the iXS Unique Pro Dh team, Jackie and Dante Harmony and Mikey Haderer, as well as my teammate Jared Hobbs. Thanks again guys, you were all super nice and helpful. I also got the chance to ride and gather some more tips from my friend Jo Petterson while she was in the US. That was a sweet day of shuttling!! Added to the things from everyone else in my life, and I have a great pool of knowledge to draw from and help make myself a better, faster racer. I have already seen improvements, and I’m stoked to race more downhill this summer. I’ll keep you posted!!

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