Grammo Toa: Testing Times

I had the opportunity to race the Grammo Toa this weekend thanks to the folks at Unrealcycles
The bike was awesome. 

I was able to get on the bike and feel as if I was at home, Its super light and easily maneuverable and withstands the hardcore beatings. 

I have put the Toa to the test, It climbs like a goat, I was able to take on some of the most technical climbs and the bike handled like it was at home. The front end stayed planted which made the bike easy to navigate, and on the descents I never have had a bike feel more stable. 

It is truly a super fast great handling bike that can take a beating and looks great doing it. 

I look forward on racing the Grammo Toa again and I believe that I can beat my old times with it. 

Two thumbs up for sure. 

Thanks Unrealcycles you made my race all that it could be.

Tom Keller

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