Spring Thaw 2012

This years spring thaw started on Thursday when I got a taste of the Morewood Kalula bike I was demo riding from Unreal Cycles. I was lucky enough to take 5 practice runs on this bike and start to get it set up for my race sunday. The bike rode as a true freeride bike should, play-full, jumpy, and responsive. The light weight of the bike felt great and the easy pedaling made me think I was riding an xc bike. 

The race-course was feeling smooth, thanks to some friends that took the time to go out and work on it, and I was feeling fast. The dirt was a little dry but no complaints. Once I let some air out of my tires, I was way faster in the dry dusty turns. 

On saterday I got the chance to go practice again with my father. I put some lighter springs in the front and rear of the bike to get the suspension feeling smoother.
I loved the changes. Thanks to Peter at Unreal Cycles for hooking me up with the spring. 
We rode 3 runs down the race-course and got it dialed. I was so pumped for race day.

Here is one of my practice runs…


Sunday I awoke at 6am and rushed over to ashland to race. When we arrived I was stoked to see Peters trailer all set up showing the IXS gear and bikes. Then I grabbed my number plate and did some practice runs with Nick, Jackson, Collin, and my dad. Again, we were fast and smooth. I decided that I was ready for my race and didnt need any more practice runs. Then I rode our local freeride trail called Marties to get rid of that nervous feeling I get before I race.

Marties jumps


After watching the pro and cat 1 riders come down, it was time for my race. Unfortunately I found out there was only one other person in my category, but I still wanted to get a fast time. All the sudden I found myself at the starting line with the official counting down from 5. I busted out of the start and pedaled through my entire run, trying to stay off the brakes. I was stoked on my time of 4:50 which put me in first place to my competitor. 

After i shuttled back up, I did my podium and took home a medal and some tires I won in the raffle. I was really exited on the tires for the super D bike I am building up. In all,spring thaw 2012 was a blast and couldn’t have gone better. Thank you Unreal Cycles for supporting me, and letting me demo the Morewood!

Some photos from my race run below…

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