Volcano Downhill 2012, Mt. Shasta, California

My name is Jackson Mitchell, I ride for Unrealcycles Gravity.
We arrived at Mount Shasta last Friday around noon for our practice rides. 

We got on our IXS gear (I was pretty stoked about the team outfits), and Rebecca took a picture with all of us ready to ride. Kyle, Enzi, and Collin rode the first chair and Austin and I right after them. We checked out the start gate for the race. It looked pretty cool, and I couldn’t wait to ride. There were a lot of wooden features (which I liked) and a lot of “moon sand” (which I did not like). We call it moon sand because it is basically sand mixed with dust. I slid out a few times, and I took a spill over the bars after a drop because the moon sand was so thick. One of my favorite features was the sea box. It’s like a roller coaster except you have to jump in it and then out. Imagine a wave, you jump in the back of one wave and jump a new wave out. And the best thing about it is that it is the finishing jump. The finish line is just beyond this feature.

Saturday was Race Day. We got to the lifts at eight thirty and immediately rode the run two times before checking what time my race run was. I practiced deep breaths before my run, and because Austin was right in front of me, I had someone to talk to. 

Before I knew it I was on my bike listening to the dude count down. 5…4…3…2…1…Go. 

This was only my second race, so I can’t really tell you how I did. I didn’t crash or slide out though, which was a plus.

There were two race runs. At the end of the runs there was a big crowd of people cheering me on. My best time for the race was 4 minutes and 42 seconds. It’s a pretty decent time. I think I could do better, but I at least got 2nd place, right after Austin.

I had a real nice time that weekend. I’d love to do it again, so I can’t wait for next year!

Jackson Mitchell.

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