Volcano Downhill -Kyle Sigetich

              This weekend the unreal gravity team and I got to take a trip down to Mt. Shasta for the Volcano Downhill. This year we got to have a full day of practice on the new course. We spent all of practice day riding as a team and figuring out lines. the corse was loose and technical, there were places you got going very fast and then had to slam on the brakes for a technical section. Most of us had crashed at least once by the end of the trip. I crashed twice, once I clipped a pedal very hard and went over the bars and got the wind knocked out of me. The second one i got going to fast through a technical section and went over the bars, I hit my head very hard on a rock. I got up and was sure my helmet had cracked so i took it off to check, absolutely fine! thank you IXS!! Later that day Enzi, Louis and I cooled off at lower falls which is a place that you jump into ice cold water from 20 feet up, it was very fun!
            Race day enzi and I woke up at 5:30 am and had a session on the wave box for a little while. The wave box is a feature at the end of the course which is a ski/snowboard box feature that is like a little roller coaster, you jump on, dip down and jump down to the landing. I decided it was time for me to try racing cat 1. We got a few more hours of practice before the racers meeting. at the racers meeting i found out i had a fairly early start time because i was doing cat 1. In my first race run I blew out corner  but i still gave it everything i had my time was 4:00. In my second run, at the top section i slipped two pedals at the same time and figured my first run was the run that was the better time so i took a coaster run and got a 4:01. I ended up with 3rd place in cat 1 juniors!          
              The highlight of this whole weekend was when i got to do a photo shoot on the road gap jumping over a Subaru.


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